A cozy and fashionable fall couple session

North of the Artic Circle

I'm writing these lines as the unrelenting rain has been tapping against my windows for many hours now. Daylight is long gone and it will only very few weeks until all the leaves are too. It is deep fall. No daylight is hard, still wearing your summer shoes and then getting caught in a merciless autumn thunder storm is even harder. But to me, fall has never felt melancholic and dark. It has always been a time for reflecting and oftentimes it even felt like a new beginning. // And of course: fall is for lovers. This is what we wanted to portray with this lovely, oh so perfectly styled couple shoot. Michaela Egger, one of the magicians from Nord and Mae, styled and directed this gorgeous set to perfection. She wanted to create something sweet and cosy but stylish together with fashion stylist Paula Jaako. In Michaela's own perfect words: "Autumn comes early in the arctic circle and for our couple the crisp fall weather was the perfect invitation for a morning snuggled up by the fire at their cottage. After having some beautiful foraged chanterelles and freshly baked bread, Katariina & Lauri head out for a walk in the colorful autumn landscape. A simple story that captures the essence of fall in a rugged landscape." // Of course fall is also the perfect time to enjoy some beautiful images and dream yourself away. Here you go, you're welcome! // This shoot has been featured on Cottage Hill Magazine.

Lapland fall landscape woman drinking coffee Lapland chopped wood Lapland Woman cooking mushrooms Lapland Couple cooking together Lapland fall cosy Couple eating together woman laughing fall cozy Lapland Mushrooms cooked over fireplace Lapland Couple eating together laughing couple love blankets cuddly couple love blankets cuddly couple love blankets cuddly Couple through window cozy love couple love blankets cuddly couple love fall walk woman climbing tree fall Lapland couple love fall walk Lapland kiss