real emotions on exquisite and timeless film photography

Frequently Asked Questions



Why in the world do you shoot film?

Because it’s way more beautiful and soulful than digital. Where it's sharp, it's a beautiful, flattering kind of sharpness. And where it needs to be blurry, its blurriness is so much prettier than in digital. Because I think before I shoot. Film teaches you to look for the most beautiful light. I’ve become a bit of a light maniac and in my opinion in the end that’s what makes a good photograph. And because after every shoot I carry a real, physical reproduction of the world home with me in that little black box.


What does a typical film photograph look like?

The way I shoot and love film, a photograph has an tangible quality. Film has grain (not pixels, but the actual magic chemistry that turns into your image when sunlight hits it) and texture that current digital photography tries to imitate but never succeeds. Sometimes one of my film images is blurry and extra emotional and ethereal because of that. It becomes like an impressionist painting. Film has the most gorgeous, creamy and flattering skin tones and shines in the loveliest pastell-like colours.
Yet film never fakes light and can also become beautifully classic and darker. First, film renders the light of your wedding day in the most genuine and authentic way. And then it turns it into an artwork of its own.


But I need my photos digitally.

Of course you’ll get them digitally. I only get them digitally, too. I’ve been working with one Europe’s best film lab for several years now. They develop my work according to my preferences. After that the images are being scanned directly off the negative and arrive at my desk in a zip file. What you’ll get in the end are digital images with all logistic advantages of the digital age, but with the optical magic of chemistry.


But how many images will I get? I want more than three shots.

Of course you’ll get all images for no extra cost. You’ll have a wonderful set of intentionally composed photographs and every single one of them will speak to you. Big landscape shots and tiny details, beautiful portraits and catching documentary. I don’t believe in flooding my clients with thousands of images, for eight hours you will receive around 300 photographs.


How does a shoot with you, a film photographer, feel? Do you disappear under a sheet for two minutes?

Well, no ;) But yes, in fact a shoot with me is a little slower and down to earth. I won't mindlessly push the shutter twenty times, to get one deliverable photo. I'll take my time to frame, focus and compose my shot. Maybe I'll adjust something when I've seen it through the viewfinder. For you that means it's going to be oh so relaxing. You won't feel pressure to perform, I'll help into my frame, I'll give lots of direction to help you feel gorgeous and I'll make it extra fun.


Do you travel?

Only all the time :) Where ever you are, I’ll pack my cameras, hop on a train, into a car, onto a plane and I’ll be there!


Do you shoot families, couples, portraits, boudoir?

Yes, yes, yes. And yes. Just ask and I’m sure I’ll be able to help you out.