Real love...
...seen the fine art way

In school I was the weird kid that liked poetry. Whole worlds built with words only, beautiful sentiments packed into simple sentences and the irresistable appeal they create. I guess in a way that is still what I strive to do today, with my camera: I see your day as a magnificent poem that I try to put into images. Images that speak in the most splendid language.


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To me life is better with my husband, my loved ones, a hearty meal followed by decadent dessert, cats, silly cartoons, slapstick – and life needs to be full of pictures and words. I have a master’s degree in French Literature and Aesthetics and I’ve worked as a journalist for a while. Besides that I made and sold pretzles in my dad’s bakery for a long time.

I’m a craftman’s daughter who became a humanities scholar who became an artist. My photographs are often described as intimate, airy and artistic. I try to combine soft, light painted imagery with the impact of documentary photography. Most of all I enjoy a good portrait. And real human connection – to me that is the perfect combination.

What people say...

letters from my wonderful clients

Liebe Katja, unglaublich! Wir sind überglücklich und völlig berauscht von deiner Kunst! Du bist die Beste! Die Bilder gehören ins Museum! Du hast bei uns übrigens einen eigenen Hashtag: #katjamagic

D & M

Wir danken dir von Herzen, dass ihr unsere Hochzeit so wundervoll begleitet habt, dass ihr euch so nahtlos in die Hochzeitsgesellschaft eingefügt habt und dass sich mit euch einfach alles so natürlich angefühlt hat.

Wir sind sprachlos begeistert und müssen uns jetzt wohl ein neues Event einfallen lassen, damit wir uns bald wiedersehen können :-)

G & M

We are literally lost of words. The pictures are just such a flawless illustration of who we are as a couple. They are now the most precious thing I own. Thank you!

N & J

Dear Katja,

Thank you soooo much!!!!! All of the pictures are so beautiful! You are the best!!

N & J

Liebe Katja,

wir sitzen hier und es kullern Tränen. So persönliche Bilder, so besondere Momente. Bilder, die so viele Gefühle zeigen. Danke Danke Danke, dass du uns für diesen Moment unseren Tag zurückgeholt hast.

C & R

Frequntly Asked Questions



Why in the world do you shoot film?

Because to me it's way more beautiful and soulful than digital. It's sharpness is prettier when it needs to be sharp. And where a photographs needs to be blurry, its blurriness is so much prettier than in digital.
Because I think before I shoot. Film teaches you to look for the most beautiful light. I've become a bit of a light maniac and in my opinion in the end that's what makes a good photograph.
And because after every shoot I carry a real, physical reproduction of the world home with me in that little black box.


But I need my photos in a digital format!

Of course you that's how you'll get them from me. I only get them in digital form, too. I've been working with the best lab professional for several years now. They develop my work according to my preferences. After that the images are being scanned directly off the negative and arrive at my desk in a zip file. What you'll get in the end are digital images with all logistic advantages of the digital age, but with the optical magic of chemistry.


But how many images will I get? I want more than three shots.

Of course you'll get all images for no extra cost. You'll have a wonderful set of intentionally composed photographs and every single one of them will speak to you. Big landscape shots and tiny details, beautiful portraits and catching documentary. I don't believe in flooding my clients with thousands of images, for eight hours you will receive around 300 photographs.


Do you travel?

Oh yes, almost exclusively. OWhere ever you are, I'll pack my cameras, hop on a train, into a car, onto a plane and I'll be there!


Do you shoot families or boudoir?

Yes and yes. And yes. Just ask and I'm sure I'll be able to help you out. Check out these beautiful people in my family and boudoir galleries.