I am Katja.

Always happiest either taking analogue photographs of wonderful humans on their wedding day or eating good food. Oh and with a purring cat on my lap. I’m deeply in love with the beauty of humanity and to me weddings are one of the most iconic occasions of humans loving and celebrating.

The most essential part of my work is to make sure you are relaxed, joyful and just ridiculously happy on your wedding day. Let me take care of your relaxed, joyful and happy memories from that day.

And now, lets get you the most beautiful photographs of your wedding!

My Fine Work Of Art
I'm an old school romantic...

No mere snapshots. Handcrafted photographs.

… with the head of a scholar. Whenever I photograph, the two come together, cooperate and create something magic.

In the end, the two create minimalist images that show the essence of your day – like a painting. Images that make you look beautifully real.

Images that show your glow, happiness and joy in the best possible way – like you have never seen yourself before.

No mere snapshots. Handcrafted photographs that will stay with for the rest of your life.

Get to know me.

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Your wedding day on analogue film

Fine Art Wedding Documentaries

My wedding packages start at six hours.

They always include:

• detailed pre-wedding consultation
• expert support throughout your wedding planning to get that fine art look
• portrait shoot with bride and groom on the wedding day
• documentary wedding coverage

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Loveletters from

my couples

"We are literally lost of words. The pictures are just such a flawless illustration of who we are as a couple. They are now the most precious thing I own. Thank you!"

N & J

"Katja, we just freaked out and jumped around in circles because this just made us so happy! These photos are sooo wonderful, we immediately got teary eyed!"

D & A

"Dear Katja, incredible! We're elated and exhilarated by your art! Youre the best! These images belong in a museum! By the way you have your very own hashtag with us: #katjamagic"

D & M

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for documenting our wedding so wonderfully, for becoming a part of our day so seamlessly and for making it feel so easy and comfortable around you.

We're just speechless and probably have to come up with a new event to be able to see you again! ;-)"

G & M

"Dear Katja, thank you sooo much!!! All of the pictures are so beautiful!! You are the best!"

N & J

"Dear Katja, we're just sitting here and tears are running down our cheeks! So many personal images, such special moments. Images that show so many emotions. Thank you Thank you Thank you for bringing our day back to us!"

C & R

I shoot real film.

I consider myself a craftswoman, not a technician. I have a vision in my head and in front of my eyes, I don’t need a screen to tell me how it looks. I want to connect with you and your beauty and not with myself and the image I just shot.

And I believe the way sunlight and chemistry marry each other in analogue photography cannot be imitated by a sensor. Do you feel like my images have a certain je-ne-sais-quoi and you just cannot put your finger on it? That is the magic of film.