the kid that likes poetry

Real love seen the fine art way

...images that speak in the most splendid language.

In school I was the weird kid that liked poetry. Whole worlds built with words only, beautiful sentiments packed into simple sentences and the irresistable appeal they create. I guess in a way that is still what I strive to do today, with my camera: I see your day as a magnificent poem that I try to put into images. Images that speak in the most splendid language.

To me life is better with my husband, my loved ones, a hearty meal followed by decadent dessert, cats, silly cartoons, slapstick – and life needs to be full of pictures and words. I have a master’s degree in French Literature and Aesthetics and I’ve worked as a journalist for a while. Besides that I made and sold pretzles in my dad’s bakery for a long time.

I’m a craftman’s daughter who became a humanities scholar who became an artist. My photographs are often described as intimate, airy and artistic. I try to combine soft, light painted imagery with the impact of documentary photography. Most of all I enjoy a good portrait. And real human connection – to me that is the perfect combination.


Katja’s work has been seen on numerous wonderful publications:

Style Me Pretty | Magnolia Rouge | Wedding Sparrow | Cottage Hill Co | Ruffled |  Hochzeitsguide



Do you know that tingling feeling, those butterflies in your stomach when you look at an image and you do not just like it but you adore it so much you practically want to live in it…? To me, that is how your wedding pictures, your family portraits, your boudoir images should feel like it. They should not only be visually pleasing, they should feel like something – like one of the most beautiful and precious things you know and own. I will work with you to achieve just that: I will be there for you with all my experience and knowledge for whichever question you may have – which hotel room will look best in pictures,
what colour scheme your bridesmaids dresses could have, what time of day is best for whichever photo. Yet I will never deliver a cookie cutter product, every session is customised exactly to what you envision. I will not just show up and shoot – we will talk about your plans, wishes, logistics to ensure you have the best time and the best result forever captured in an image. And in the end, I promise it will be so much fun! You will be able to let go, enjoy the session and just be the most stunning version of yourselves. Let me do the rest.